Are you ready for a more satisfying life?

Are you ready for a more satisfaction in your life and relationships?

Many people feel incomplete and unsatisfied with their lives because they are "stuck" in nonproductive patterns of thinking, feeling and relating to others.

You can learn to manage stressors in your personal, relationship, family and work environments in an effective way, so you feel more connected and alive. With direction, support and the right resources old patterns can be transformed and you can enjoy a more authentic and satisfying lifestyle.

Why stay "stuck" when there is a way out? Learn to balance sharing, intimacy and love with individuality and assertiveness. Give yourself the opportunity to take charge of your feelings, thoughts and lifestyle patterns. Give yourself the opportunity to make changes that work for YOU!

Rosemary offers solution-oriented individual, couple & group psychotherapy


Here's what some satisfied clients have reported:

were having a hard time as a couple. I knew that my wife and I really cared about each other and wanted our marriage to work, but we were just going around in circles. Luckily, I agreed to check out Rosemary's approach. It was different and effective. I only wish we'd done it sooner."
...P. W., Lawyer

"ROSEMARY is chock full of practical information. I got much more out of our sessions than I ever expected!"
... R.K., Financial Analyst

I was so depressed that I could not work well or appreciate the people in my life who did care. With Rosemary's help, I am now enjoying my work & relationships in a way I never thought possible...Thank you, Rosemary!!!
...D. L., Social Worker

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